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Permission to Think of Me

Designed especially for women going through divorce, we’re offering an uplifting space, expert advice and an inspiring exercise to help you seek peace of mind and a positive outlook for life post-divorce.

Your net worth is not your story.

While it may seem counter-intuitive, we believe in starting your financial planning journey with envisioning your future in a non-numbers way first. By creating a clear vision of how you want your future to look, we can work back to build a plan that supports your dreams becoming reality. This exercise is especially important for women who make the difficult, brave decision to divorce. And that’s why we created a visioning exercise to help you first figure out the vision of your future. We then use that vision to guide the development of your financial plan.

How It Works

We provide all the materials you need. One of our team members will meet with you either in person or by Zoom (your choice). We start by asking you to envision the day after your divorce settlement. You are taking all the knowledge and experience gained from your previous chapters and get to build a brand new, completely independent life!

Look over the Life Appreciates cards in front of you. Choose 1-2 images for each of the following categories as you think about how:

  • Family Appreciates – managing aging parents, co-parenting with your ex, adopting a child, getting a pet
  • Knowledge Appreciates – education goals, therapy, learning how to manage your money, addressing learning deficits you’ve uncovered)
  • Career Appreciates – catapulting your career, learning a marketable new skill, achieving work-life balance, starting your own business
  • Experience Appreciates – making more time for leisure, buying that second home you’ve always wanted, formalizing your bucket list
  • Relationships Appreciate – focusing on friends, co-workers, community, extended family, your relationship with yourself
  • Impact Appreciates – identifying where you can influence positive change in your family, community or elsewhere
  • Legacy Appreciates – figuring out what mark you want to leave on the world, what you want the story of your life to be, which accomplishments you want to sparkle when you look back

To prepare for this exciting next phase of your life, you must envision it as if it’s already occurring. The goals you choose may be aspirational – or could simply be a re-ordering of your priorities. Whatever your current state, focus on what you want your FUTURE to look like and prioritize the 1-2 most important concepts from each category.

Just as important, consciously exclude images that do not capture your priorities or aren’t relevant to your ideal future self. Keep the past in the past and remove old visions of your life. With your future self’s goals clearly envisioned, focus on making this picture your new reality.

Your vision board is a highly personal but living creation. You can continue adding to it after our session, and move the pieces around as you see fit over time. Once you’re happy with the vision you’ve created for your future, we’ll take the next step by having you meet with one of our divorce financial planning experts to discuss the financial plan that supports your vision. Ready to get started?

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