We are CornerCap, and we’re in your corner, working to secure the capital you need to help your assets and life appreciate together.

Cannon Carr, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer

As a multi-billion-dollar wealth management team, we’ve spent nearly 35 years building deeply personal financial plans based on Your Defining Story.

– Cannon Carr, CEO

You want the financial peace to enjoy business and life.

Right now, which one best describes you?

Our goal is to help you secure your life,
not just your growing business OR your personal wealth.

Do you think of your business wealth and personal wealth as separate or connected?

Most people silo them. The reality is they’re interconnected and intertwined. If the business fails, your personal wealth may fail, too. How do you secure yourself so that doesn’t happen?

We are in your corner aiming to help you navigate surprises, crises, and transitions. You need financial independence from your business.

We help you get there.

We help you live your purpose,
both in business and in life.

We start by listening to you and understanding your story.

  • Who are you?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • What are your risk profiles, both for your business and for you?

For every dollar of profit your business makes,
you have three choices.

Reward yourself.
Reinvest in the business.
Repurpose to diversify.

Your choice. We’ll help you do it.

We will leverage decades of in-house research, called Fundametrics®,
as we aim to have your assets and life appreciate together.

For 35 years, our proprietary investment research methods have been our North Star.

They’re called Fundametrics®.

We don’t chase trends or react to fads. We find promising value through research and analysis to grow and secure your capital.

We are in your corner to empower your future.


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