Frame Your Picture – With Your Passion

At CornerCap, we are committed to bringing clarity to your financial outlook – and in framing your life’s picture to fit your goals and passions.

Davidson’s work with IFB Solutions is personal and special. He and his wife, Sally, kitted the holiday cards in their own dining room.

Internally, we frame our own life pictures the same way.

For CornerCap Wealth Advisor Walker Davidson, it was important to frame his own life’s picture with community service. He supports clients daily by bringing focus to their financial outlooks, with the goal of setting them up for long-term fulfilment.

But Davidson’s passion for service extends beyond the office, too.

He serves as a volunteer board member for IFB Solutions, an organization that provides work opportunities for people who are blind or visually impaired, plus educational support for students K-12 who are blind. As a strong supporter of IFB Solutions for the last decade, CornerCap sponsored the organization’s inaugural Student Enrichment Experience (S.E.E.) Holiday Card Fundraiser.

These personalized cards are special; designed by visually impaired children, each card is embossed with a message in Braille. All proceeds from the cards benefit nationwide S.E.E. programs, which teach blind children independence.

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