Our Investment Philosophy

Discipline & Process

Before we ever invest your money, we partner with you to frame your financial picture. Through this process, we identify the rate of return you need to meet your specific goals, as well as how much risk is appropriate for your time horizon. Because we independently manage our investment research and process, we can consistently act in your best interest by adhering to a consistent investment discipline for you over time.

Independent Thinking

Remember when the dot-com bubble burst? Then you know the danger of listening to market hype and following the crowd.

Our advisors think independently.  We conduct our own research to make investing decisions rather than taking companies’ stories at face value.

We then use our Fundametrics® research to identify an appropriate portfolio mix of stocks and bonds for you, and help you maintain this investment strategy during market volatility.

Through our independent thinking, we keep your financial frame intact in even the most confusing economic environments, when the temptation to follow the herd is at often greatest.

Focus On Financial Facts

We run our proprietary Fundametrics research algorithm to select your stocks and determine the allocation and tilting decisions in your portfolio.

This approach removes human bias from the equation by quantitatively evaluating 200+ fundamental factors (such as cash flow or P/E ratios) to objectively analyze and select stocks.


Most money managers rely on human intelligence alone to diversify portfolio holdings.

Our research team also leverages the rigor of quantitative research to routinely re-calibrate the mix of your holdings so that your portfolio doesn’t rely on any one company, industry or sector of the market.

Financial Warnings Overlay

Layered within the Fundametrics methodology is a proactive risk flagging system.  By seeking out signals of stocks with characteristics of under-performance, we work to avoid potentially costly mistakes in your portfolio – ones that human intelligence alone might not identify.

Our team is in your corner

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