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Financial Planning for Aesthetic Healthcare Professionals

With 35+ years of combined experience, CornerCap’s MedSpa Money takes a holistic approach to your wealth management needs.

Our goal is simple: To help you transform how you run your business, so you can transform lives – your patients’ and your own. Through every stage of your journey, our team seeks to bring out the best in your med spa business. Together, we’ll work to optimize your operations, maximize profits, and enhance growth. All with the goal of helping you pursue what matters most to you – whatever that end goal might be.

Financial Planning for Aesthetic Healthcare Professionals

We provide all the materials you need. One of our team members will meet with you either in person or by Zoom (your choice). We start by asking you to envision the day after exit from the business. You are taking all the knowledge and experience gained from your previous chapters and get to build a brand new, completely independent life!

But what must you do today to get to that future vision?

  • Cultivate a foundation for success
  • Revitalize your business operations
  • Invigorate your cash flow
  • Uncover your long-term goals
  • Shape an action plan to work toward those goals

Balanced wellness for your business

Developed expressly to provide financial planning services for the medical aesthetic industry, MedSpa Money can help your business grow while supporting your personal financial goals.

Our comprehensive financial management advice taps into our business expertise and network to enhance your:

  • Marketing – What is the ROI on your marketing dollars?
  • Operations – Are you maximizing your profit potential for every provider, room and/or service?
  • Management – Are you properly incentivizing your employees?
  • Training – Are your safety and compliance measures calibrated to protect profits long term?
  • Client services – Is your client experience structured to increase lifetime customer value?
  • Financial planning – Are your personal financial goals aligned with the way you run your business?
  • Tax analysis – Do you regularly identify tax sparing solutions?
  • Growth Mapping – How will you decide whether and when to expand?
  • Buyer opportunities – Have you prepared your business to receive the best valuation?

Our Two-Step Formula


Looking for a team that blends like a dream? Our experts offer a deep understanding of consumer healthcare, client marketing and financial planning to enhance your business success.

Tiffany Czajka

As a Certified Financial Planner™, Tiffany is a seasoned advisor who can evaluate the financial health of your business. She is a wealth of knowledge for small business owners who are looking to achieve short- and long-term success. Tiffany’s strategies focus on helping clients maximize their earnings while minimizing expenses and decreasing tax liability.

Catharine Aguilar

With two decades of marketing experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, Catharine has developed brand awareness for some of the most prominent medical companies. During her time in the field, Catharine created and managed patient support programs to acquire, facilitate and retain business. In her current private wealth management role, she innovates marketing and client experience programs for consumers with high disposable income.

In addition to monitoring industry buyout trends to guide clients through succession scenario planning and profitable liquidity event management, this duo has active working knowledge of small business operation – a combination of knowledge that yields valuable insight for aesthetic healthcare professionals.

As the brain trust behind MedSpa Money, Tiffany and Catharine are also avid med spa consumers, themselves. While finding joy in your day-to-day success, Tiffany and Catharine help shape your business to support your personal financial journey.

Ready to invigorate your MedSpa business?

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