Next Generation Wealth Management

We take pride in helping your younger family members chart their own path to wealth accumulation, which is why CornerCap created My Accumulation Plan (MAP™) services.

By establishing good financial habits (budgeting, saving, investing, maintaining good credit, building financial literacy) early in their careers, young professionals in their 20s and 30s can jumpstart achieving their own life goals.

As they build wealth over time, MAP clients graduate into our full service wealth management model once their financial pictures become more complex (children, homeownership, inheritance).

What MAP Delivers

MAP services are provided through a cutting-edge online investment platform that leverages time-tested Fundametrics® investment research.

Every MAP client receives:

  • Investment strategy review from a CornerCap wealth advisor
  • An actively managed, return-seeking portfolio
  • Financial education content delivered throughout the year
  • Annual account review and opportunity to develop financial plan
  • 24/7, real-time account access

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