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Truly Steadfast

Our philosophy boils down to two words:
Independent Discipline


At CornerCap, we don’t tell you what we’re told. We tell you what we find. Using our Fundametrics® research system, we conduct our own analysis to make sound investment decisions.

As independent advisors, we challenge the giant corporations and their generic financial products.

Instead, we custom create products for our clients’ financial needs.


Remember when the dot-com bubble burst? Then you know the danger of buying into market hype and going along with the crowd.

When the market’s volatile, it’s easy to follow the herd. We choose our own path. We act on measurable fundamentals to minimize bias, focus on facts, and maintain your investment strategy.

Throughout the chapters of your life, your CornerCap advisor is there to maintain a disciplined strategy. With every plot twist thrown your way, we revisit the nuances of your story and figure out how they realign to support your goals – both financial and personal.

It All Starts
With Your Story

Your ideas and values around wealth come from your personal story. Your story is more than your net worth.

It’s the narrative that defines the financial decisions you made yesterday, why you feel about money the way you do today, and how much risk you’re willing to take tomorrow. By leaning into your story, we discover, quantify, and prioritize your goals.

We create a diversified portfolio created around you. And our ongoing collaboration is a constant discovery loop that helps you figure out what’s next in every stage of your life.

We’ve spent the past 30+ years perfecting our approach to personalizing service and customizing portfolios based on individual narratives.

Let us work to help your assets and life appreciate together.

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