Our Story

Like the stories of many successful entrepreneurs, ours begins in a basement, where CornerCap was born in 1989 in Atlanta, GA.

After a decade of managing RJR Nabisco’s $4 billion retirement fund, Gene Hoots and Tom Quinn founded CornerCap to help individual investors grow and protect their wealth.

Using the proprietary Fundametrics® investment methodology they pioneered, Gene and Tom began managing the assets of friends and family who trusted them as stewards of their personal wealth. This same commitment to managing clients’ money with as much care as we would advise friends and family guides the way we do business every day.  

Three decades and $1.3 billion in assets under management later, our firm remains 100% employee owned.  Independent ownership preserves our ability to remain transparent and accountable to each and every client still today.  

Our Team Is Here For You

Today — just as when we first hung our shingle 30 years ago — we act in your best interest as we work with you to develop a personal Frame Your Picture™ plan.

At any given moment, we are able to provide you with specific answers about how and why your portfolio is performing because we own our investment research and process.  And through it all, we remain 100% transparent about the flat investment management fee you pay while keeping your investment plan on track despite inevitable market turbulence.  

Our team is in your corner

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