Post-Divorce Fresh Start Financial Planning

Your transition post-divorce sets the tone for this new phase of life. Now that the settlement is determined, it’s time to develop your vision for what’s next.

As you enter this next stage, our qualified team of experts can help you navigate the financial journey that supports your new dreams.

What’s Included?

Developed by Certified Divorce Financial Analyst practitioner Merriweather Mulé, this 12-month engagement includes:

Customized One-On-One Session

If the stocks that your ex-husband chose were not your picks, it’s time to get your own. In a personalized planning session, you’ll meet with Merriweather to:

  • Develop your new financial plan
  • Run through different financial scenarios
  • Design a portfolio that aligns with your risk tolerance

Plan Deployment and Optimization

You have a settlement, and you already know your monthly budget. It’s time to make your money work for you. Alongside your CPA, Merriweather and her team will:

  • Handle account transfers
  • Untangle any assets that still need to be moved over to you
  • Apply the new investment and tax strategy to the next stage of your life

Ongoing Support

An accountability partner is key to your financial success as a divorcee. During the first-year post-divorce rollercoaster, Merriweather helps with:

  • Monthly check-ins via email to help you feel on track and in control of your financial future
  • Quarterly meetings to navigate your new financial norm
  • Availability to answer questions and provide guidance as you face unexpected financial questions

How We Make the Transition Easier for You


Financial Goal Setting

With the divorce process behind you, it’s time to focus on planning toward the future. Enter this new chapter of your story with clarity and peace of mind that you can accomplish your goals.


Tax Analysis

Tax liabilities are different after divorce. By putting a savvy strategy in place, our team can help minimize your burden and create a plan that facilitates your financial success.



Emergency funds, insurance and estate plans are essential tools to protect your assets and lifestyle. We help you get the coverage you need and build the safety net that lets you sleep well at night.  


Retirement Planning

Now that you’re separated, the idea of retirement may seem different than it did before. Together, we reimagine what retirement may look like for you and take steps to prepare for that stage of your life.


Manage Your Wealth

Your divorce settlement is now part of your financial reality. Our goal is to safeguard your assets and empower you to keep them growing.


Once your divorce is final and the settlement signed, there are still a lot of blanks to fill in your personal finances. That’s where Merriweather and the CornerCap team come in. We help get the rest of your life started on the right foot, with a solid plan and the support you need to start again with confidence.


Starting at $10,000, we create a bespoke plan to meet your personal needs. After reviewing your situation, Merriweather will determine a flat fee so you know exactly what to expect and how her expertise adds value to your financial future.

Next Steps

To learn more, book a complimentary consultation with Merriweather and take the first step toward your financial freedom.

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