Pre-Divorce Financial Settlement Package

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Created by women, for women; this package is designed to pressure test your settlement and discover potentially costly issues before the settlement becomes final.

If you’re going through the divorce process, our Pre-Divorce Financial Settlement Package provides the comprehensive financial insight you need during separation.

What's Included:

Developed by Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Merriweather Mulé, this engagement includes: 

Three in-person meetings

One meeting with your divorce attorney

Emails and calls as needed

How We Support You

Step 1: Goals & Priorities

The most important part of our engagement is understanding your financial goals and priorities. With this information we will help you to create a clear vision of your post-divorce financial life.

Step 2: Cash Flow Assessment

Our comprehensive process begins with creating an estimate of your post-divorce budget. We will guide you through a document gathering process and based on information provided by you, we will create an income and expense audit to inform your legal team.

Step 3: Asset Division Analysis & Valuation

Our process includes educating you about marital vs. separate property and the valuation of each type of asset, identifying which assets may be more beneficial as part of your property settlement, specifically the affordability of the marital home, as well as looking at the after-tax value of your assets where applicable.

Step 4: Child Support & Alimony

We will discuss the formula for child support and will help you to identify the child expenses in your budget that will not be covered by child support. We will determine income available for alimony and run future wealth projections so that you understand the short and long term impact of your decisions. Additionally, we will discuss life insurance and ways to protect your assets. 

Step 5: Settlement Proposal

Based on the settlement proposal, we will create a comprehensive wealth projection to illustrate what your life may look like 5, 10, 15 years or more after divorce.  Having a glimpse of your financial life post divorce can help you to determine the best settlement option for your situation.

Package Goals

Our goal throughout this process is to help you gain clarity about your personal finances, provide the information to help you make non-emotional financial decisions and provide you with a financial plan that will allow you to confidently transition into the next phase of your life after the settlement agreement is finalized. 


The last thing you need during your divorce process is a surprise bill.  Because hourly fees can rack up and lead to unanticipated costs, Merriweather’s services are priced at a flat package fee, which she will determine after speaking with you to review the complexity of your situation.

Getting Started

To learn more, book a complimentary consultation with Merriweather. If we’re not able to assist you, we’ll gladly refer you to another appropriate resource.

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