Frame Your Picture™ Planning Services

Are you a busy professional or executive?

Whether you lead a large corporate team or practice your profession in a small business services firm, your focus is on staying at the top of your game so that you can optimize your earning potential during your working years.

We know how to address your nuanced needs related to:

  • Deferred Compensation Opportunities
  • Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) Investing
  • 401(k) Roll Over Strategies
  • Retirement Scenario Planning
  • Stock Option / Restricted Stock Planning
  • Long Term Incentives and Pensions
  • Short and Long-Term Tax Planning
  • Life Insurance Gap Analysis

We’ll work with you to ensure you’re taking advantage of relevant available options offered through your employer and various retirement planning strategies to protect your hard-earned income for yourself and your family as part of our overall investment advisory and retirement planning services.

Do you own a business?

The financial planning needs of business owners can be particularly complicated given that significant portions of their net worth are often closely tied to their business operations.

Business owners have unique opportunities to manage their wealth — opportunities they often miss without the help of an expert partner:

  • Development of Retirement Plan for You and Your Employees
  • Tax Efficient Strategies for Business Owners
  • Cash Balance Plans to Preserve Owner Equity
  • Ownership Transition / Succession Planning
  • Equity Sharing Decisions
  • Selling Your Business
  • Managing Assets of Your Business
  • Capital Preservation Strategies
  • Cash Flow Management

As small business owners ourselves, we are proud to support the unique short-term and long-term financial planning needs of those who lead their own businesses.  We know that your investment management needs are as unique as the business you lead.

As a female, are you the financial head of your household?

As U.S. demographic trends continue to shift, more women in their 40’s and 50’s find themselves as financial heads of their household – whether they’ve never married, have experienced the end of a marriage, or have taken the primary role within their home as steward of the family’s assets.

Among the topics most on the minds of these clients are often:

  • Funding Higher Education for Children
  • Long Term Health Care Planning
  • Caring for Elderly Parents (both Health-Wise and Financially)
  • Planning for Family Milestones (e.g., Weddings)
  • Scenario Planning around Divorce or Loss of Spouse
  • Estate Planning within Second Marriage Scenarios
  • Leaving a Legacy through Charitable Contributions

Our financial portfolio management services uniquely cater to the needs of these female clients.

Do you know your net worth and how far it will take you?

Come talk to us about your goals and let us help you figure out how to reach them.