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Meet Your Team

Our goal is to help your
assets and life appreciate together.

Wealth Strategist

Crafts your personal financial plan and makes sure it aligns with your journey.

Client Experience Specialist

Takes our relationship to the next level and ensures you receive stellar service – whether you visit us in-person or catch up with us online.

Client Care Coordinator

Oversees your day-to-day account maintenance and operations to keep things running smoothly.

Tech Specialist

Sets up the technology that supports your wealth management plan and troubleshoot any IT challenges you may encounter.

Investment Analysts

Researches and creates wealth building strategies that set your personalized plan in motion.

Leadership Network

Unlocks access to resources that will connect you with key players with the goal of helping your life to appreciate alongside your wealth.

Wealth Strategists

Richard Bean, CFA, CPA

Chief Wealth Strategist

Outside of our founders, Richard is among the longest tenured members of CornerCap and leads our talented team of wealth advisors.

Ray Peebles

Senior Wealth Strategist

Ray brings firsthand experience and expert knowledge in helping busy professionals and executives achieve their family’s goals.

Ian M. Clemens, CFA, CFP®

Wealth Strategist

Through purposeful planning, engaged listening, and strategic analysis, Ian empowers his clients to make the financial decisions that support their goals.

Brad Robinson, CFA, CFP®

Wealth Strategist

Brad’s 20-year career in the U.S. Army, where he retired as a Lieutenant Colonel, prepared him well for his second career as a wealth advisor.

Philip Baker, CFP®

Wealth Planner

As a next generation talent at CornerCap, Philip brings fresh perspective to how we serve Gen Z clients.

Jeff Davenport, CFA

Associate Wealth Strategist

Jeff is well versed in customizing solutions that solve client problems.

Client Care

Jennifer Schmidt

Head of Client Care

Jennifer’s role is 100% dedicated to leading client service initiatives – a job where her personal metric is to exceed expectations for clients on a daily basis.

Amy McCollum

Client Care Coordinator

Having spent the first 20 years of her career mastering the nuances of working in local North Carolina government, Amy quickly immersed herself in investment services when she joined CornerCap in 2015.

Jackie Wilson

Client Care Coordinator

Jackie brings nearly 30 years’ experience to her role and is recognized by clients and colleagues alike for her commitment to superior client service.

Jan Freeman

Client Care Coordinator

After launching her career in pharmaceutical sales, Jan tapped into her people skills to discover a career in financial services.

Client Experience

Jean Pursley

Director of Central Georgia Markets

All it took was one college internship in investment management to confirm that Jean wanted to pursue a career helping clients achieve their financial goals. After college, she dedicated herself to learning the wealth advisor business through hands-on client service roles with Schwab.

Claudia Bettinger

Client Experience Specialist

True to her background studying journalism, Claudia is passionate about discovering people’s stories. As a frontline day to day touch point, Claudia enjoys shepherding clients through their CornerCap experience – an area where she excels thanks to best in class training from prior roles at Chick Fil A and Walt Disney World.

Investment Analysis

Jeff Moeller, CFA

Head of Investment Analysis

Jeff oversees our proprietary Fundametrics® investment research platform which, in turn, drives the day-to-day trading decisions in clients’ portfolios.

Josh Tucker, CFA

Investment Analyst

Josh leverages his research findings to guide stock selection within client portfolios and the CornerCap mutual fund.


Kevin Keeney

Chief Technology Officer

From conducting custom investment research to facilitating account paperwork, technology-enabled solutions have fueled the CornerCap client experience since our founding.

Craig Ogle

Director of Technology

With extensive experience working in the ever-evolving world of information technology, Craig is well equipped to serve today’s client technology needs.

Leadership Network

Cannon Carr

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer

After more than a decade of providing commentary as a Wall Street analyst, Cannon joined CornerCap to get directly involved in the portfolio management game as CornerCap’s Chief Investment Officer, and in June of 2020 Cannon became our Chief Executive Officer.

Catharine Aguilar

Chief Marketing Officer

Managing health and wealth often have similarities – the need for detailed planning, setting short and long term goals, considering family needs as well as your own, understanding of rules and regulations…the list of parallels goes on and on.

John Hackney

Chief Compliance Officer

As one of the longest-tenured employees of CornerCap, John has shepherded CornerCap employees and clients alike through the constantly evolving regulatory landscape of investment management for over 25 years.

Tom Quinn, CFA, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Born in a small North Carolina town where he developed a strong work ethic early on by working in his father’s furniture store, Tom discovered an aptitude for systems engineering when he scored well on an early-day technology aptitude exam.

Let us work to help your assets and life appreciate together.

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