Claudia Bettinger

Client Experience Specialist

True to her background studying journalism, Claudia is passionate about discovering people’s stories. As a frontline day to day touch point, Claudia enjoys shepherding clients through their CornerCap experience – an area where she excels thanks to best in class training from prior roles at Chick Fil A and Walt Disney World.  She takes great care to get to know each member of our clients’ families and finds creative, unexpected ways to enhance clients’ experience. Her prior experience as a nanny orients her to constantly seek ways of making the lives of busy families easier, and she’s found helping clients achieve their family dreams to be fulfilling.

Claudia's Insights & Resources

Money Minded Kids

Can preschoolers learn about money matters? Are middle schoolers savvy savers? Do high schoolers actually stick to a budget? Yes, yes, and yes! As a

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