Ray Peebles
Senior Vice President & Wealth Advisor

Ray brings firsthand experience as well as expert knowledge in helping busy professionals and executives achieve their family’s goals.  He is particularly well-versed in the unique needs of his generation, who often find themselves juggling their own retirement planning and college funding efforts with the long-term care of aging parents. Having built his career at CornerCap and with more than 25 years of industry experience, Ray is experienced in applying the firm’s disciplined philosophy to each client’s unique situation.  Also true to the founding spirit of CornerCap, he is an active member of the community and volunteers at his family’s parish/school, Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church.

Education and Accreditation

  • BA, Accounting and Business Management – North Carolina State University
  • MBA – Wake Forest University School of Business
  • Member, CFA Institute
  • Member, CFA Society Atlanta

Contact Info

Email  |  Connect on LinkedIn  |  (404) 870-0700

Why did you choose to join CornerCap?

I have a unique perspective.  I spent my first 10 years in this business with CornerCap, followed by a stint with a large bank — where I experienced a whole new approach to investment and wealth management.  When CornerCap asked me to return in 2012, I chose to re-join for several reasons: notably, the firm’s investment discipline, proprietary research/strategy, employee talent and employee ownership…but most importantly, the CornerCap client-centric philosophy.  Our success is based on the success of our clients. Returning to CornerCap was like coming home, and as a shareholder in our firm I am committed to upholding the core tenets established by our founders.

How do you encourage clients to frame their financial picture?

Take ownership.  Even if you are working with an advisor, it is imperative to stay informed — starting with an inventory of your assets and liabilities, income and expenses, needs and wants — and to begin framing your own picture.  It’s never too early or too late to start.  The key is simply to get started and take control of your financial future.

What was your first job, and how did it influence your ultimate career path?

My first paying job (at age 15) was busing tables and washing dishes at Sizzler Steak House in Raleigh, North Carolina.  This job certainly fostered character traits that provided a foundation to my future success (and ones I have tried to pass on to my children): responsibility, commitment, respect and humility.

What’s your favorite book, and how did it shape your thinking?

The Godfather.  Family takes precedent over all else.

If someone gave you a million dollars to start your own charity, what cause would you focus on?

Two very important family causes: Dementia/Alzheimer’s research and training facilities for service animals.