Walker Davidson, CFP®
Vice President & Wealth Advisor

Born, raised, and educated in North Carolina, and now raising a family of his own there with his wife Sally, Walker considers it a privilege to travel from corner to corner of the state each week meeting with families to keep their financial visions on track.  On any given day, you’re likely to find him at a diner in Winston-Salem, coffee shop in Raleigh or the home of a client in Charlotte, meeting when and where it’s convenient for his clients to review their financial plans.  Walker joined CornerCap with extensive financial planning experience, having previously built his own business in the financial services industry, which gives him a special appreciation for individuals and families who own or operate small businesses of their own.

Education and Accreditation

  • BA, Economics – Elon College
  • MBA – Wake Forest University School of Business
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

Contact Info

Email  | Connect on LinkedIn(704) 405-6027

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Why did you choose to join CornerCap?

Gene Hoots and Tom Quinn created a “client first” culture at CornerCap.  Throughout the years, they have been careful to hire only those who share this mindset. As a result, CornerCap is composed of an incredible group of people, which is what attracted me to join the firm.  Our clients can expect the same mindset in their interactions with us from day one.  While market conditions will fluctuate, they can count on the people who comprise CornerCap to stay consistently focused on their best interest.

How do you encourage clients to frame their financial picture?

My approach is not to overcomplicate a topic that can feel very complicated to many new investors.  It’s amazing what you can find out about a person’s financial picture by asking some very basic questions, such as “What do you consider to be your financial problems? What is preventing you from resolving these problems?” From that starting point, I can partner with the individual, couple or family to form a game plan with clear roles for both the client and CornerCap in tackling these problems and painting a better picture for their financial future.

How do you spend your time outside of the office?

With two children in college and one in high school, our family time becomes more precious with each passing year – so we make the most of moments together by hiking and spending time out on the lake whenever we can.

What’s been the highlight of your career to date?

It’s a new career highlight each time we improve someone’s financial planning situation from a state of chaos to a state of order.  The term “peace of mind” is frequently used to describe the completed process.  Knowing that we’ve given that reassurance to a client and their family is a feeling that can’t be beat.

What’s your favorite book, and how did it shape your thinking?

Asking me to name my favorite book is like asking me to name my favorite child.  My answer will change from time to time based on the current circumstances.  However, Pay Attention to the Thin Cow by Gene Hoots offers many valuable lessons on the fundamentals of investing and offers timeless advice for novice and experienced investors alike.

Why is it important that you understand your clients’ financial picture?

Many people make financial decisions based on general advice they receive from the media or from friends, but general advice is often not the best advice.  We can offer our best advice if we know our client’s complete financial picture.  That advice will be specific to their individual situation.  Our advice is usually made up of incremental improvements in multiple areas.