The Best Kid’s Birthday Present Is Not “What Amazon Suggests”


Looking for the best present for the child who has it all? That’s a tough one. Toys are wonderful gifts, but children tend to lose interest quickly and then they are on to the next thing!

The key to making birthdays presents unforgettable and holidays gifts extra special is to tap into children’s interests. With the gifts on our list, you can inspire the next visionary of this generation:

For Tomorrow’s Jane Goodall

Try a membership to their favorite aquarium or zoo. These educational outings nurture a child’s love for animals and offer countless hours of outdoor fun. Plus, it’s a different experience every time!

For the Gabby Douglas in Training

Pool the family resources for a fun outdoor playset. This one’s sure to get all the energy out and make parents happy, too. It’s also the type of gift that kids can enjoy with others and grows right along with them.

For a Modern Leonardo da Vinci

There’s always that modern Renaissance kid who loves it all. To foster their curiosity, sign them up for a variety of drop-in classes. Whether online or in-person, these classes will enrich their development.

For the Budding Warren Buffet

We recommend a 529 contribution. You could gift up to $15,000 from each grandparent per child annually. Talk to your tax advisor about the gift tax exemption and set your child up for a promising financial future.

Interested in more ideas on gifts that seek to appreciate a child’s future?  Let’s talk!

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