CornerCap builds a wealth management plan around your story. Through thoughtful discovery and independent discipline, we work to help your assets and life appreciate together.

Our Story


CornerCap Founded

Like the stories of many successful entrepreneurs, ours begins in a basement, where CornerCap was born in 1989 in Atlanta, GA.

After a decade of managing RJR Nabisco’s $4 billion retirement fund, Gene Hoots and Tom Quinn founded CornerCap to help individual investors grow and protect their wealth.

Using the proprietary Fundametrics® investment methodology they pioneered, Gene and Tom began managing the assets of friends and family who trusted them as stewards of their personal wealth.

Optimism & Discipline
Through Challenging Times

Since day one, we’ve anchored to independent discipline and optimism. We act on measurable fundamentals to minimize bias, focus on facts, and maintain your investment strategy.


S&L Crisis


Cold War Ended


Dot Com Bubble




Hurricane Katrina


Housing Crisis


Great Recession


COVID Market Crash


Three Decades Strong!

After 34 years of navigating market events, we are emerging from the global pandemic stronger than ever. And just like when we started, we remain 100% employee-owned – because owning our own firm preserves our ability to remain transparent and accountable to each and every client.

Our Philosphy

The most important conversations are the ones you have with yourself. We help you listen to those conversations. Together, we build deeply personal financial plans based on your story, with the goal of helping your life and wealth appreciate together.

The backbone of our philosophy is our proprietary Fundametrics® research system. Set in motion over 30 years ago, this time-tested methodology continues to serve as our North Star.

Let us work to help your assets and life appreciate together.

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