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Discover how your life and wealth
can appreciate together.

The Discovery Lounge at CornerCap

We designed our Discovery Process to help you clarify your vision for the future through in-depth analysis and thoughtful conversation.

Only you can define what you want your journey to look like. Our job is to provide financial guidance with the goal of helping you reach that destination.

So, grab a beverage of choice, take some time to reflect, and let’s explore where you’ve been – and where you want to go next.

Here’s how it works.

Take the first step toward formalizing your vision by requesting our Discovery questionnaire.

The Discovery Lounge at CornerCap

Through this questionnaire, which is designed to make you pause for reflection, we gain a better understanding of your life goals – and can uncover insights about where you’re headed next and why.

The Discovery Lounge at CornerCap

One of our team members will personally review your responses — adding notes, observations and questions that spark deeper conversations.

The Discovery Lounge at CornerCap

Next, we’ll schedule a live Discovery Session. Whether you choose to connect virtually or in person at our Discovery Lounge, we offer you a comfortable, creative space that inspires open dialogue and captures the output of free thinking.

Your Discovery Process concludes with a
custom written narrative
that captures your story;
the one you’ve already started
and the plans you have for your next chapter.

Next up: Building relationships to help your life and wealth appreciate.

In this phase, we stop to align with you and ensure that we’ve captured your story accurately and thoroughly. Guided by your narrative, we’ll then match you with a Wealth Strategist who develops the financial framework to help achieve your goals.

But this isn’t the end of the conversation.

Your advisor will keep in touch throughout your financial journey, helping you re-Discover the evolving elements of your story.

Plenty of advisors can
effectively crunch numbers
for you.

But for CornerCap, your life is more than numbers. We want to know you as a person, listen to your story and discover what really matters to you. From there, we’ll craft a plan to help you make your dreams for the future a reality.

You’ve heard our story. Now we want to hear yours.

Our Discovery process draws out your objectives so we can work to help your life and wealth appreciate, together.

Your vision’s worth pursuing, so let’s chat about it.

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