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Perspective on Last Week

By |March 19, 2023|Market Commentary|

Here’s our read on the stability of the financial system, the status of the fight against inflation, and the outlook for the economy. We recognize there are many moving parts, making assessments difficult.

Soft Landing for the Economy?

By |January 17, 2023|Market Commentary|

Since last March, the Fed has raised rates more aggressively than at any point in the past forty years. The latest economic data shows that the economy is slowing materially without causing rising unemployment—an impressive feat and begging the question, has the Fed done enough?

Will the Fed Overshoot?

By |November 14, 2022|Market Commentary|

Last week’s better-than-expected inflation report brought relief to markets. Both stocks and bonds rebounded as investors anticipated that the Fed won’t have to be as aggressive in raising rates to tame runaway prices.

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