The Ugly Truth About Managing Your Company’s 401(k)2024-01-17T15:52:45-05:00

Find costly problems, identify hidden risks,
and discover valuable opportunities in your retirement plan.

Ugly Truth Ebook

The ugly truth about your 401(k) plan.

3 costly threats and 2 untapped opportunities revealed in this guide.

This FREE guide reveals how to:

  • Avoid costly IRS and DOL fines from compliance hiccups.
  • Stop overpaying on fees and patch costly “leaks” many companies overlook.
  • Leverage investment options to attract and retain top talent.

Your company’s 401(k) is a lot like
a kitchen you last remodeled 10 years ago.

You live in it every day, so you don’t realize that it’s now out of date.

Which is why you need this e-book. Inside, we’ll help you answer these all-important questions:

  • What is the value being provided for your all-in investment in this plan?
  • Are you receiving the service you expect from the plan adviser?
  • Do you have any potential compliance issues that haven’t been addressed?
  • Are the employees educated on how to use it?
  • When was the last time you reviewed the plan or spoke to your plan adviser?
This pivotal guide was designed specifically for business owners such as you, who want to step back from the day to day and get a fresh perspective on their company’s 401(k) plan.

This guide will help you see the hidden risks
that could come up in an audit
and create a plan to mitigate them.

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Let us work to help
your assets and life appreciate together.

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