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Story first.
Your story fuels our discovery.

Get to Know You

We get to know you before your numbers.

Listen to Story

We listen to your story before ever assessing your finances.

Help Reach Goals

We find out where you come from to help you reach your goals.

While pioneers in the early application of emerging technology to investment management, our founders never talked about money when getting to know people. They put their expertise on the back burner to first connect with the person behind the portfolio. Only once they knew their story did they feel equipped to help them financially.

Organically innovative

Organically innovative.

Following in their steps, we’ve worked with clients as they’ve built their wealth and solve financial problems for 30+ years. Always rooted in one core belief: Your story is more than your net worth.

To this day, our priority is learning that story, starting with the same three questions our founder asks everyone he meets:

  1. Where are you from?
  2. What do you do?
  3. Why are you losing sleep at night?

The result of starting with your story is a deeply personal financial plan that’s based on who you are, with the goal of helping your life and wealth appreciate together.

The client experience.

We specialize in supporting your Discovery.

Discovery is the basis of all our work with you. From day one, Discovery forms the foundation of your relationship with our team as we Build and Implement your plan, Flex with changes in your life, Align other stakeholders in your financial journey and Connect you with experts in our network. Each year, we will encourage you to meet with our team to catch up on your journey.

Discover What’s Next

In addition to mapping out potential life events when you initially onboard, we aim to catch up on your life events at least once a year. Together, we update your plan and turn the page onto the next chapter of your story.


Using the findings of your Discovery responses, we digest your story and use it to build a financial plan and Investment Policy Statement customized to your needs.


Your wealth advisory team puts your plan into action. They set up the investment discipline to keep your life and wealth appreciation goals on track, meeting with you as often as needed to ensure your plan remains on track.


This is where the rest of your story begins. With every plot twist, we’re here to manage events with you and recalibrate your plan as needed.


We ensure that your financial allies (CPA, estate planner) are on the same page, to execute the complete plan that supports your goals.


Throughout your journey, we’ll work to connect you with contacts in our network. We have access to niche experts who can make a unique impact on your life appreciation goals and add value to the work of your advisor, CPA, and estate planning attorneys.

Every story has a beginning.

That’s why Discovery is your first touchpoint with us. Our Discovery team guides you through a series of questions designed to uncover your story.

During this phase, we won’t ask you to talk numbers. In fact, our Discovery team can’t talk numbers. Their specialty is uncovering your personal journey, not advising on your finances.

You have the chance to answer as many or as few questions as you’d like. You can do this online at your own pace or live during a one-on-one conversation.

The most important part of this process is that you feel the space and freedom to tell us what matters most to you. Our job is to support you along the Discovery journey and understand where you come from.

When you feel ready to initiate the numbers conversation with a Wealth Advisor, we’ll make that happen on your timetable. Your Discovery guide stays in the loop, as you transition to build a life-changing financial plan with CornerCap’s individualized approach.

Once you become a client, we’ll custom-build your service team based on your unique needs. But your story of financial growth doesn’t end there. Like a good sidekick, your Discovery guide remains part of your team to regularly ask “What’s Next?” in your journey.

You’ve heard our story. Now we want to hear yours.

Our Discovery process draws out your objectives so we can work to help your life and wealth appreciate, together.

Your vision’s worth pursuing, so let’s chat about it.

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