Jean Pursley
Client Service Associate

All it took was one college internship in investment management to confirm that Jean wanted to pursue a career helping clients achieve their financial goals.  After college, she dedicated herself to learning the wealth advisor business through hands-on client service roles with Schwab.  Upon joining CornerCap, she quickly distinguished herself as a responsive and knowledgeable day to day resource for clients, ensuring that their questions – no matter how simple or complex – receive prompt, thorough responses.


  • BA, English – Florida State University

Contact Info

Email  |  Connect on LinkedIn  |  (404) 870-0700

Why did you choose to join CornerCap?

When a former colleague of mine couldn’t stop raving about her new employer, I jumped at the chance to check them out for myself when a client service role opened up.  In just the initial interview, I saw immediately what my friend and former colleague had been talking about: the client-focused culture at CornerCap cemented my desire to join the firm.  CornerCap employees have strong relationships with each other, which makes it not only productive and easy to operate in a way that best serves our clients, but also an outstanding place to work.

How do you encourage clients to frame their financial picture?

I challenge clients to really focus on what matters most to them in terms of goals for 5, 10, and 20 years out.  Answering these questions honestly can sometimes be tough, and even force provocative family discussions.  For example, is it your hope to leave funds for charity after you have passed or is your goal to help pay for all your grandchildren’s college education? In my experience, when clients take the time to answer these goal-based questions, it helps the CornerCap team better understand the end goal of their portfolio and how we can best manage it for them.

How do you spend your time outside of the office?

My husband and I have always been avid hikers, and our young daughter, Cora, now joins in the fun with us. This past summer we took her hiking in Breckenridge and it was amazing to see nature through her eyes. When I am not with my family I love to swim and be at the beach. Growing up in Florida I was a competitive swimmer for most of my life and it remains my favorite workout to this day.

What was your first job, and how did it influence your ultimate career path?

My first job was as a lifeguard and swim instructor.  The greatest joy of teaching kids to swim was seeing their progress and sense of accomplishment when they mastered new skills. That ability to help people achieve goals was incredibly rewarding and something I sought out in my career.  Today, I take great pride in hearing every story from a CornerCap client about being able to pay for all their grandchildren’s college educations, or to retire earlier than expected.

If someone gave you a million dollars to start your own charity, what cause would you focus on?

Because I lost my Grampie to Alzheimer’s and my Grandmother to dementia, I would focus on a charity dedicated to family support of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Watching a loved one you have known your whole life not remember you is beyond painful and my charity would focus on support for not only the patients but also their family members.