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Catharine Sanders

Chief Marketing Officer

Managing health and wealth often have similarities – the need for detailed planning, setting short and long term goals, considering family needs as well as your own, understanding of rules and regulations…the list of parallels goes on and on. It was therefore a natural evolution for Catharine to join CornerCap following a 20 year career in healthcare marketing. Throughout her career as a healthcare marketer, Catharine continually nurtured her passion for financial planning and investment management, learning a great deal about the various wealth accumulation opportunities that exist in both corporate and small business career pathways from real world experience. She now applies these learnings and Millionaire Next Door philosophy by helping individuals in various stages of wealth accumulation to achieve their personal and family goals with the Frame Your PictureTM approach.

Education and Accreditation

  • BA, English and French – The University of Georgia
  • MBA, Marketing – Georgia State University / Northwestern University

Catharine’s Insights & Resources

Perspective on Last Week

By |March 19, 2023|Market Commentary|

Here’s our read on the stability of the financial system, the status of the fight against inflation, and the outlook for the economy. We recognize there are many moving parts, making assessments difficult.

Money Minded Kids

By |March 2, 2023|Kids & Money|

If you want your child to graduate from high school financially literate, it’s up to you to teach them the fundamentals. But how exactly do you raise a money-minded kid, and what’s the best age to start? Whether you’re trying to keep up with a toddler or track down your teen, here are some tips that can last their lifetime.

Soft Landing for the Economy?

By |January 17, 2023|Market Commentary|

Since last March, the Fed has raised rates more aggressively than at any point in the past forty years. The latest economic data shows that the economy is slowing materially without causing rising unemployment—an impressive feat and begging the question, has the Fed done enough?

Everything Old Is New Again: A Look at Financial Markets Against the Backdrop of A Christmas Story

By |December 20, 2022|Market Commentary|

You’re probably familiar with the old adage “everything old is new again.” Indeed, we’ve witnessed surprising revivals of fashion trends, hairstyles, and even pop music over the years. But this year’s return of the holiday classic A Christmas Story is making many people feel exceptionally nostalgic—especially those of us who grew up in the 1980s.

Asking for 529 Plan Contribution Gifts

By |December 5, 2022|Kids & Money|

For gift giving occasions like birthdays and holidays, it’s always fun to give kids the latest gadget or toy, but shiny new toys only last so long. If you’re looking for the perfect long-lasting solution and a gift that keeps on giving – look no further. This holiday season ask your loved ones to get your child a 529 plan. 

Will the Fed Overshoot?

By |November 14, 2022|Market Commentary|

Last week’s better-than-expected inflation report brought relief to markets. Both stocks and bonds rebounded as investors anticipated that the Fed won’t have to be as aggressive in raising rates to tame runaway prices.

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