Amy McCollum
Client Service Manager

Having spent the first 20 years of her career mastering the nuances of working in local North Carolina government, Amy quickly immersed herself in investment services when she joined CornerCap in 2015.  Every day, Amy works hand-in-hand with our wealth advisors to ensure that clients’ needs are met while proactively reaching out to remind clients of important upcoming milestones with their account administration.

Contact Info

Email  |  (704) 442-8457

How do you encourage clients to frame their financial picture?

Investing can be intimidating or overwhelming for many people, and every client starts in a different place.  As soon as I meet a new client, I take time to get to know how comfortable they are with their investing knowledge.  Because I came from a non-financial background myself, I find it easy to relate to those who are just starting out on their investment journey with us.

How do you spend your time outside of the office?

My greatest joy comes from spending time with my husband of 28 years, Joey, and our two daughters.  Joey and I are also very committed to serving at our church.

If someone gave you a million dollars to start your own charity, what cause would you focus on?

Our oldest daughter is a nurse at a local children’s hospital.  The strain of caring for sick children is an obvious emotional burden for pediatric nurses, but my eyes have been opened to an additional burden that falls on these dedicated individuals.  Often, extenuating family circumstances of patients’ family and home situations are less than ideal, and the nurses step in to fill even bigger gaps in care than medical care, alone.  My dream is to set up a program that could supply more community volunteers to help pediatric hospitals and health care providers to surround these fragile patients with all the extra love and care they deserve.

Why is it important that you understand your clients’ financial picture?

Clients put a lot of trust in us when they share their financial needs, concerns and questions.  It is important that the service I provide to each client is individual to them and that decisions made are in their best interest at all times – so I work hard every day to earn and maintain trust with our clients. When you establish that trust and clients know that you will always do the right thing for them, they will be more likely to share their entire financial picture – which enables us to provide the best service possible to them.