Xennials & Crypto: Is It a Good Match?

By Published On: February 11, 2022Categories: Wealth Building3 min read
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If Boomers used the stock market to unlock generational wealth and Gen Z is bringing meme culture to the world of finance, where do Xennials fit in the picture? For a generation that often finds itself between age groups, the crypto craze can feel like a repeat of the dot-com bubble combined with deep-seated FOMO.

As Xennials, we find ourselves at the onset of a global financial transformation. But even amidst so much change, one thing’s for sure: Xennials are driving a fundamental shift in the world of investments, and our portfolios look very different than those of our parents.

Where Xennials Stand

When it comes to investing, the Xennial generation has more options than any other. And we’re not the type who sit by the sidelines. Recent studies show that 50% of crypto owners in the United States are between 35 and 54 years old. This group is followed by investors ages 18 to 34, who represent 31% of crypto ownership in this country.

The numbers are clear: Xennials are rewriting the investment playbook right alongside digital natives. We’ve evolved from playing Oregon Trail in our junior high computer labs to a world of competitive digital gaming, marking the radical technology shifts that have shaped our personal and professional pathways,

Perhaps that’s how Xennials are bringing some sense into the madness. Our micro generation is more likely to embrace different, sometimes quirky bets. But with families to raise and retirement on the horizon, we also know that we can’t take too many risks or wait too long to diversify our portfolios.

So, how do you make smart investment decisions when the tides are ever shifting? And how does the curious yet skeptical investor separate facts from fads?

Back to the Basics (Kind Of)

Decentralization may be today’s latest trend, but alternative investments are nothing new. For decades, vehicles like hedge funds and private equity have slowly found their way into investors’ nest eggs. While it’s not entirely fair to say that the 60/40 portfolio is dead, as technology moves forward, investments that once seemed far-fetched become more normalized every day.

But even as we all become more tolerant to volatility, the fundamentals of investing remain the same: stay disciplined and don’t follow the buzz. This means that when new investment opportunities knock at your door, it’s time to pause and take a minute to decide which risks are worth taking.

It’s true, alternative investments can help you find new paths to return streams, but they come with unique risks. Yes, blockchain is here to stay. But should you liquidate some of your assets to buy a retirement home in the metaverse?

To answer that question, you need to review your life goals, look at the bigger picture, and figure out where you are in relation to your financial plan.

As with most investments, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. But by asking more questions and keeping an open mind, we can help find the right answers for you. We can analyze how the new trends affect your personal goals and how they relate to your unique financial plan.

Whether you’re wondering if there’s a place in your portfolio for Ethereum or you just want to learn more about how Web 3.0 will affect your investments, we’re here for you. We can help you better understand today’s alternative investments and the role they play in your broader portfolio strategy.

Together, we can develop a plan that makes sense for your personal story – the one you’re writing IRL and the virtual legacy you’d like to leave behind.

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