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What a Biden Administration Could Mean for Your Wealth Outlook

The analysis below is not intended as an endorsement of or reaction to either candidate in the 2020 Presidential election.  It is commentary based on publicly available information and is intended to help readers make informed decisions about their investments.  With the 2020 Democratic National Convention concluded and Joe Biden officially accepting the Party’s Presidential nomination, families across the country are taking a close look

Pause to Reflect: Go Big?

We believe that two keys to long term returns are diversification and buying something at a reasonable price. We believe history broadly supports those principles. If you’ve been investing only for the past four or five years, you might draw the opposite conclusion. Narrow and Expensive have been the rules to winning. Especially over the past 18 months. We’ve written a lot about what’s going

Eventful August and Fall Ahead

This series of articles is designed to help investors filter the noise in today’s markets to improve understanding and investment decisions After a broad-based rally in markets this spring, markets have become narrow and more defensive again. A handful of the biggest, defensive tech stocks have led the market for the past few weeks (Exhibit One), and 10-Year Treasury yields have fallen again (as Treasury

How COVID-19 Has Underscored the Need to Revisit Estate Planning

Recently, there have been a number of heartbreaking accounts in the news about children losing parents, sometimes within days of each other, to COVID-19. Whether your children are school-aged or now have children of their own, recent events have brought one important question into focus: when was the last time you reviewed your estate plan? The answer to this question is key to whether your

Snapshot of the US Stock Market

World economies are starting to reopen. We have written about our view of how recovery might evolve in prior posts. In this edition, we pause to assess the research decisions we’ve made, and how US markets have responded over the past 10 weeks since the market bottom on March 23. Our US equity strategies have had an encouraging trend during this period, overall. From 3/23

How 2020 Could Be the Gift that Keeps Giving for This Year’s Grads

Today’s graduates face hardships few have seen the likes of before now. It is easy to get consumed by the obstacles that lie ahead for the Gen Z’ers in our families, but if you pay attention, you’ll notice the times have uniquely positioned us to give our graduates the ultimate gift: one that keeps giving over time. While there’s no way to be certain of