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Market Insights: Inflation Fears Abating?

Inflation is one of the biggest long-term threats to wealth generation. That’s why, for investors, the rise in inflation since February is getting such headlines. As reported last Thursday, core inflation hit an annualized 3.8% in May. That’s the highest in nearly thirty years. It’s also well above the Federal Reserve’s long-term policy target of 2%. After showing concern during the spring, markets largely shrugged

The Art of Retirement

“I need a retirement from my retirement.” Sandra Day O’Connor’s quip may sound absurd when you’re at the height of your career and dreaming of all the things you’d do without work consuming your time. But the reality is that retirement can feel abrupt when the moment arrives.  It can lead to boredom, or even a sense of grief over losing the work routine that

How to Inspire Kids to Invest

How to Inspire Kids to Invest Not every middle schooler who shows an interest in the stock market will end up pursuing a career in financial planning like I have.  (Although if you have a student in your family considering this pathway, I’d be happy to share my experience studying financial planning at The University of Georgia). While I finished college only two years ago,

Mo Money, Mo Problems? Tips on Raising Fiscally Responsible Kids

Comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Kevin Hart know the struggle of raising wealthy kids. When Seinfeld’s kids ask him if they’re rich, he unabashedly tells them "I am. You're not." Hart takes a softer approach. Answering the same question, Hart explains that even though they’re “well-off” now, he’s worked incredibly hard for the money that they have since he came from a rough part of Philadelphia

Tips for Simplifying Your Tax Life

“The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.”  -- Albert Einstein Taxes are often frustrating, expensive and confusing to even the well-informed and well-educated. And with a word count higher than the Gettysburg Address, Declaration of Independence, and the Bible combined, tax codes can be difficult to navigate. However, tax planning is an essential part of your overarching financial plan.  When