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A Look at the Reach of the $2T Stimulus Bill

Markets rallied double-digits last week off dramatic lows after the Fed announced “unlimited” support and as Congress crafted a $2 trillion stimulus plan to help address the nationwide shutdown to the economy due to COVID-19. We outlined our view of the pathway to success in our First Edition of Road to Recovery, which included the need for this kind of government action. In this edition,

The CARES Act: Relief for Retirement Plans

The recently passed Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act offers comprehensive aid to many affected by the health crisis.  From small businesses, displaced workers to large corporations, the goal is clear: to lessen the potential economic damage. Though much of the focus has been on the direct payments to taxpayers and lending facilities to small businesses, IRA owners and participants of employer sponsored

Stuck in the Middle: How the Sandwich Generation Can Preserve Wealth in This Environment

Just a few short weeks ago, were you confidently anticipating early retirement?  Or perhaps you were enjoying a sense of pride knowing you’ve honored your parents’ long-term financial planning by helping to monitor their healthy nest egg portfolio? There is a unique subset of Americans that can be thought of as a sandwich generation: 40 and 50 somethings pursuing their own financial goals while overseeing

Road to Recovery: First Edition

Helping investors filter the noise in today’s markets to improve understanding and investment decisions This new series is designed to help investors look beyond today’s unprecedented noise, put events in context as they unfold, and understand important investment themes amidst incredible emotional and financial volatility. The title of this series is admittedly premature. We are in the throes of the worst health crisis in modern

Missing the Recovery: A Cautionary Tale

While many struggle to stay calm during this extremely turbulent time, it is easy to focus on the immediate pain and lose perspective on what lies ahead once the crisis abates.  As advisor and financial partner, our job requires a heavy dose of empathy and sympathy.  At the same time, our responsibility is to provide sound, rational and objective counsel regarding clients’ goals and investment