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Snapshot of the US Stock Market

World economies are starting to reopen. We have written about our view of how recovery might evolve in prior posts. In this edition, we pause to assess the research decisions we’ve made, and how US markets have responded over the past 10 weeks since the market bottom on March 23. Our US equity strategies have had an encouraging trend during this period, overall. From 3/23

How 2020 Could Be the Gift that Keeps Giving for This Year’s Grads

Today’s graduates face hardships few have seen the likes of before now. It is easy to get consumed by the obstacles that lie ahead for the Gen Z’ers in our families, but if you pay attention, you’ll notice the times have uniquely positioned us to give our graduates the ultimate gift: one that keeps giving over time. While there’s no way to be certain of

1930 or 1942?

Up 25% off its lows in March, the US stock market appears to be looking through bleak economic news—including unemployment not seen since the Great Depression—toward better growth perhaps later this year. Are investors too optimistic? As we discuss in this report, our view is that: This pandemic has potential to be a watershed event in modern history, but visibility is truly difficult. There are

The Rebalancing Act: Long-Term Returns and Volatility

In the current financial crisis, investors’ patience is being tested.  There is no way to predict when we’ll reach market bottoms or how long recovery will take.  Frustrating though the answer is, the appropriate action for most investors right now is to stay the course with their strategy already in place prior to the crisis.  This “inaction” is especially true for CornerCap Wealth Advisors’ clients,

Ready to Re-Open?

Markets rebounded strongly over the past three weeks, with the S&P 500 up about 23% intra-Monday off market lows, as investors feel they now have a directional road map to recovery—namely, there’s evidence that social distancing is working, and governments show massive willingness to support markets, industries, workers and local governments. The US is now beginning to explore how to get Americans back to work

COVID-19 Scams: Keep Your Guard Up Online

UPDATED April 2, 2020: Several new scams have been identified by Federal authorities that are tied to the recent passage of the economic stimulus package. Many of these scams are disguised as notices of eligibility or award. Others are offering pre-payment loan services in advance of a payment. Often, cell phone text messages with links to sites are being aggressively used to attempt to steal