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Missing the Recovery: A Cautionary Tale

While many struggle to stay calm during this extremely turbulent time, it is easy to focus on the immediate pain and lose perspective on what lies ahead once the crisis abates.  As advisor and financial partner, our job requires a heavy dose of empathy and sympathy.  At the same time, our responsibility is to provide sound, rational and objective counsel regarding clients’ goals and investment

Margin Calls: The Bank Is Calling, and It’s Not to Check on Your Health

On any given morning right now, it’s no surprise to find stock prices opening lower than where they closed the previous day.  We are living in an unprecedented period of market volatility where predicting “what’s next” is impossible. In these uncertain and emotionally trying times, how should individual investors react?  When is it time to sell portions of a portfolio?  When will we reach the

Taking Control in the Face of Chaos

At a time when it’s easy to feel helpless watching the news unfold, we are focused on helping our clients find ways to regain a sense of financial control.  While no one can predict how or when the current economic turmoil will resolve, there are specific actions you may be able to take today to better position yourself and your family when the market recovers.

Reflections on a Tumultuous Market

In one of the fastest market reversals in modern memory, it’s worth slowing down the action to focus on the broader shifts going on. First, for context: in only 13 trading days, the S&P 500 has dropped almost 19% from all-time highs. It appeared to stabilize last week after absorbing (some of) the COVID-19 news, only to drop anew on Monday on a surprise price

March Madness®: Bonds Move from the Bench to the Big Game

In the coming weeks, March Madness basketball frenzy may be a welcome distraction from non-stop news around the spread of the coronavirus.  This month’s hyper-focus on basketball also provides a helpful analogy for what’s happening with many investors’ portfolios during this period of market volatility. Many CornerCap client portfolios are balanced by a mix of appreciation and preservation assets.  In basketball terms, appreciation assets are

Is It Time to Refinance Your Mortgage?

With capital markets reeling from anticipated economic effects of the coronavirus and the plunging price of oil, a potential money-saving opportunity has emerged:  refinancing your mortgage. As concerns over the economy force investors to lower risk in their portfolios, they do so by selling stocks and buying low/no risk securities, such as 10 Year Treasury Notes.  That demand has driven up prices and driven down